Vermont Attorney General Discusses Guidance Issued To Municipalities On Immigration Enforcement

Mar 9, 2017

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan has issued a new pamphlet for municipalities across the state.  Produced by his office and the state’s Immigration Task Force, the “Guidance to Vermont Cities and Towns Regarding Immigration Enforcement” provides information regarding localities’ “ability to prohibit and restrict certain actions with respect to working with the federal government on enforcing federal immigration law.”  Donovan explains why he felt it was important to provide the information to Vermont’s municipalities.

"Obviously given the Executive Orders that came out regarding the so-called travel ban this was a topic that was being discussed very much so in this state.  And immigration law is an incredibly complicated area of the law. More so when you add in what the state’s role is when it comes to federal immigration policy. So we thought as a way to better inform the conversation we would put out some guidance that really just kind of highlighted the black letter law, if you will, regarding federal immigration policy,  again as a way to better inform cities and towns throughout Vermont."   

Link to: Vermont Attorney General’s “Guidance to Vermont Cities and Towns Regarding Immigration Enforcement”