U.S. Attorney, NY School District Settle ADA Case

Jul 27, 2014

A lawsuit against a school district in Westchester County over violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act has been settled.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says a lawsuit against the New Rochelle School District that accused the district of failing to evacuate two students with disabilities from New Rochelle High School during an actual evacuation in January 2013, as well as during drills, has been settled. The settlement came in the form of a consent decree. The actual evacuation was after the fire alarm was triggered from a smoke condition in the electrical room of the high school. The New Rochelle School District acknowledged that it failed to evacuate the two students in both instances and has agreed to ensure that students with disabilities are able to participate meaningfully in evacuations. The school district will also provide ADA training to all of its employees.