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UAlbany Now Guaranteeing Admission For HVCC Graduates

Oct 23, 2019

It will now be easier for students to attend the University at Albany after finishing at Hudson Valley Community College.

Officials say the UAlbany Transfer Admission Guarantee or "TAG" program assures UAlbany acceptance to HVCC students pursuing their associate’s degree. Students will receive UAlbany support services during their two years at HVCC, and must maintain GPA minimums while meeting guidelines specific to their academic programs.

UAlbany President Havidán Rodríguez:   "So this is a truly transformative experience because we make these pathways that can essentially be part of a student's beginning of their education at Hudson Valley Community College, ensuring a smooth transition or transfer experience from Hudson Valley Community College to the University at Albany."

Once students earn their HVCC associate’s degree, they are guaranteed admission to UAlbany. HVCC and UAlbany have also formalized the Pathways Program, which offers students not initially accepted to UAlbany a second chance. UAlbany Provost Dr. Carol Kim:   "The Pathway to UAlbany agreement gives local students who applied to UAlbany but fell shy of meeting current admissions requirements a chance to build their academic profile and then re-apply to UAlbany with no additional application fee. If these students meet the GPA and credit requirements, they're guaranteed admission to UAlbany after they complete their second semester at HVCC."

Students in the Pathways Program also receive enhanced UAlbany support, including advisement, tutoring and financial aid. 

HVCC President Roger Ramsammy says most of the community college's students want to complete four years of college.   "Four out of 10 students never reach that end goal. That's a lot of individuals who are finding themselves outside of school wishing that they had an opportunity that didn't happen. This partnership puts in place a satya that allows someone to set their goals at Hudson Valley seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in UAlbany. That students can transition right from Hudson Valley into UAlbany and accomplish that goal in UAlbany, and hopefully see those numbers move from 4 out of 10 to hopefully 10 out of 10 one day."

Earlier this year, Rodríguez and Ramsammy traveled to Costa Rica to recruit students to apply to HVCC with the opportunity to transfer to UAlbany to complete a four-year degree.