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TV Stations in Albany, Burlington-Plattsburgh Moving Frequencies

Jul 2, 2020

Some TV stations in the Northeast are switching frequencies this week.

If you watch free over-the-air TV this week and one of your channels disappears, you'll likely have to re-scan your set, as certain stations are switching frequencies.

For help, TV viewers can visit or call the consumer help line at 1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322) ... press 6 to speak with a help desk representative. Information is provided in multiple languages.

In Albany WXXA (FOX 23) and WNYA (CH 51) out of Pittsfield are moving, along with their subchannels.

Four TV stations in the Burlington, Vt.-Plattsburgh, N.Y. market and one outside of New York City are also switching frequencies.

Jean Kiddoo Chairs the FCC Incentive Auction Task Force.

"This is not the same as the digital transition that we undertook in 2009 which stations often times moved their transmitters. Basically what this involves, for the most part, of course every station is a little bit different with the technology, but for the most part the station needs to change out its antenna, broadcast tower and the transmitter it uses to transmit its signal. Importantly, I want to note that the channel number that viewers are used to tuning to on their TV with an antenna are not changing. Viewers watching Channel 22 today, it will still be Channel 22 after the change happens to that station."

Kiddoo says viewers will need to re-scan their TV's to find and program each station's assigned frequency.

Dan Viles, general manager at Albany's WYBN Channel 14, says some New Yorkers and Vermonters who rescan will likely discover new multi-channel stations scheduled to sign on in the coming weeks.

"Channel 17 may come back to life, which used to be WVBG and Channel 21, which used to be Channel 69 in Bennington, it's changed owners. And other people who live in your listening area, down toward Poughkeepsie, there'll be a WZPK, Channel 29 or 30, I forget the exact number, signing on from the Ellenville area, from Sam's Point, sometime in the next six to seven weeks and it will have a projected coverage of 2 million. So it's all the way down to Middletown, all the way over to Newburgh and Beacon, all the way up to Sharon, Conn., Saugerties and out towards the Catskills."

Viles adds most people don't realize the modern digital over-the-air television signal can provide higher quality video than via cable or satellite.