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Troy Completes Water Main Replacement

Aug 2, 2017

The City of Troy has completed work on a new water main to replace a 33-inch pipe that burst in January 2016, flooding parts of Lansingburgh and affecting residents of several nearby communities.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden announced the completed installation of a 36-inch ductile iron pipe under the streets of Lansingburgh on Wednesday.

In a statement, Madden said with the support of the state, Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers, Troy has demonstrated its “commitment to investing in the invisible system of pipes beneath our feet for the long-term health and benefit of our residents and surrounding communities.”

The project was supported by $3.2 million in state funding and financing through the NYS Water Infrastructure Improvement Act and the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation.

The line serves approximately 135,000 residents in nine communities.