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SUNY Poly, Albany Law, RF SUNY Announce New Experiential Learning Collaboration

Apr 18, 2019

The State University of New York Polytechnic Institute is partnering with Albany Law School and the Research Foundation for SUNY on a new program aimed at preparing students for high-tech careers. 

The two schools and the non-profit say their experimental "Innovation Intensive Clinic" will "promote the development of marketable technologies" in the Albany area and elsewhere. SUNY Poly Interim President Dr. Grace Wang says under the learning program, students will perform work at the institute's labs on the foundation's behalf.    "The students at Albany Law School and also at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute will work together, side by side as a multidisciplinary team, working on the technology commercialization under the supervision of the SUNY Research Foundation Attorneys, so that they can pass on experience in technology commercialization with innovation. And while deepening their knowledge and skill sin law, in policy, and also understand how do they work at the intersection of science, engineering, innovation and law."

Albany Law School President and Dean Alicia Ouellette says the Innovation Intensive will mean unparalleled opportunities for students interested in business, intellectual property and technology.  "Albany Law Students will experience actual practice in cutting-edge fields such as nanotechnology, nano-bio-science, quantum technology, artificial intelligence and technologies that haven't even been dreamt of yet."

Ouellette says the programs respond to the changing needs of students and communities.   "In the Capital Region's Tech Valley and beyond there's a demand for lawyers who can bridge the gap between law and technology. The Innovation Intensive will go a long way toward meeting that need, giving law, business and engineering students the opportunity to work and learn in interdisciplinary teams, advancing tech-focused projects and facilitating university innovation from labs to market."

For the experiential collaborative curriculum component at SUNY Poly, students can choose to work 15 hours per week or, through Albany Law School’s Semester-in-Practice Program, 33 hours per week over the course of the semester. Students will also be eligible to participate in an optional independent study to develop technology-focused business plans for submission to the New York State Business Plan Competition.

Officials at the two schools say the initiative will give students experience in the connected fields of business, science and legal services as they delve into intellectual property strategy, seed and venture funding, market analysis, entrepreneurship and startup formation.