Special Tactical Team Tracks And Arrests Convicted Murderer Who Violated Parole

Dec 18, 2018

Over the weekend, a special law enforcement team captured Martin Richards for violating parole. The search for the convicted murderer by the Clinton-Essex-Franklin Special Response Team occurred in the towns and wilderness areas of Essex County. Clinton County Sheriff Lieutenant Nicholas Leon, who commands the team, explains that the coordinated tri-county team was activated even though the public danger was believed to be low.

“What we were hearing from people that were being interviewed was that in comments that they had with Richards before it became known that he was wanted was that he was going to not go back to prison. He was going to die ‘suicide by cop.’ Therefore we felt like the threat was mainly going to be towards law enforcement if we encountered him.”  

The Special Response Team is a coordinated effort between the Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties Sheriffs’ departments.  Officers are trained in high-risk search and arrest and woodland tactics and tracking.