Signature Sounds 20th Anniversary Collection

May 13, 2015

  Signature Sounds' first CD came out in 1995 and the lable has seen over 150 releases since then, moving into show promoting, opening a venue in Northampton, MA, overseeing frequent collaborations between its artists, and taking over the long-running music and hot air ballooning gathering of the Green River Festival.

Earlier this Spring they released “Signature Sounds 20th Anniversary Collection: Rarities from The Second Decade” - an album of previously unreleased songs from Signature Sounds artists - a mix-tape lovingly prepared for you by the label. Jim Olsen is the President of Signature Sounds and he joins us to talk about the label's history and future.

This year’s Green River Festival takes place July 10th-12th at the Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA.

Signature Sounds will also present Amourasaurus! on Sunday August 30th at Pines Theater in Look Park in Florence, MA.