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Saratoga Springs Updates Sidewalk Law

Nov 16, 2016

Credit Lucas Willard / WAMC

The City of Saratoga Springs has updated its controversial “sit/lie” law that prevents individuals from obstructing a public sidewalk. 

The updated law reduces penalties and clarifies language against obstructing the public right of way.

Despite the penalty reduction, groups like the New York Civil Liberties Union have called to repeal the law, saying it unfairly targets the homeless.

Public Safety Commissioner Chris Mathiesen, who sought to revise the law, disagreed.

“It’s very much an issue regarding public safety and this insistence that it has something to do with anything else or has some sort of other intention here, that just isn’t there,” said Mathiesen.

Mayor Joanne Yepsen, who voted against the original law, said she could not support the revisions to a law she disagreed with.