Retail Pot Will Be Topic Of Forum In New Marlborough

Nov 28, 2017

New Marlborough, Massachusetts is the latest Berkshire County municipality to consider whether to allow marijuana shops. 

An informational planning forum on the positives and the pitfalls of recreational marijuana will be hosted by the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission at 6 p.m. Wednesday at New Marlborough Town Hall.

Retail pot was legalized for anyone over 21 via a statewide ballot question in November 2016. In July, Governor Charlie Baker signed a follow-up law allowing communities to opt out of recreational pot sales and determine local taxes on the drug. Municipalities can profit from a maximum 3 percent increase on retail pot sales.

Elsewhere in Berkshire County, Clarksburg wants to limit marijuana production with additional zoning bylaws. Adams is holding a public hearing in December to review a draft licensed marijuana establishment bylaw. Egremont, Lee, West Stockbridge and North Adams have all placed one-year moratoria on medical and recreational businesses.