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Rep. Delgado Holds Town Hall in Dutchess

Jan 26, 2019

A New York congressman held a town hall Friday night in Dutchess County as President Trump was signing a bill to reopen the government for three weeks. Agreement to temporarily end the record-long shutdown came without money for a border wall.

Freshman New York Congressman Antonio Delgado of the 19th District held his second town hall since taking office, this time in Pine Plains. Delgado spoke with reporters after the event.

“It gives us some time to, hopefully, act like adults and engage in a meaningful conversation grounded in facts and in evidence and have a robust debate without holding people’s paychecks hostage. I think that’s the key piece here,” Delgado says. “I’m just happy that the government’s open because people were going for too long without pay, unnecessarily. Think about that. No pay, just now, 35 days later, do what we could have been doing this whole time.”