Recreational Marijuana Approved For Sale At Berkshire Stores | WAMC

Recreational Marijuana Approved For Sale At Berkshire Stores

Dec 14, 2018

A marijuana dispensary in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, was approved to sell recreational pot to anyone over the age of 21 on Thursday.

Theory Wellness, located on Route 7 just north of Great Barrington’s downtown, began as a medical marijuana dispensary. CEO Brandon Pollock says the transition to recreational pot means state oversight changes as well.

“Well, we have a new state regulator now – the Cannabis Control Commission," Pollock told WAMC. "So previously we had been regulated by the department of health. So now we have two regulators. Soon the Cannabis Control Commission will take over the medical program as well.”

Pollock says that despite the new recreational laws dramatically expanding who can buy pot, the regulations are similar to when the company was strictly dealing in medical marijuana. Another recreational marijuana store has been approved in Pittsfield. A Northampton store opened last month.