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Raising Cooperative Kids

Sep 1, 2017

In Raising Cooperative Kids, research psychologists Marion Forgatch and Gerald Patterson, one of the original developers of Time Out, provide parenting techniques that tap deep-rooted human instincts, making them universal and easy to use no matter where you live or how your family is structured.

Developed over 40 years of practice and tested in clinical and prevention trials, these skills empower parents to teach their children new behaviors, change unwanted behaviors, and reduce family conflicts. Together, Forgatch, Patterson, and Friend give parents the formula to overcome family struggles and inspire children to cooperate -- from toddlerhood into their teens.

Marion S. Forgatch, PhD, founder of Implementation Sciences International Inc., and senior scientist emerita at the Oregon Social Learning Center, is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. Her awards include the Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research from the American Family Therapy Academy. She is coauthor with Dr. Patterson of the book Parents and Adolescents Living Together.

Originally aired June 2017.