Poor People's Campaign Protest Blocks Traffic, NY Capitol Entrances

May 22, 2018

Protesters with the New York State Poor People's Campaign marched to the capitol, blocked entrances and snarled traffic Monday.

During the 90-minute march from Central Avenue to downtown Albany, protestors tied up traffic and disrupted CDTA bus routes and schedules. Several arrests were made by state troopers inside the capitol.

Actions by those participating in the "National Call for Moral Revival" didn't sit well with Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, who tells WNYT  she'd like to meet with organizers in the coming days to see if she can persuade them to change their tactics.  "Last week, the shutdown of this road resulted in people being late to pick up their children at daycare," Sheehan explained. "We had a woman calling our office in tears because she was one and a half hours late to her doctor. She missed the appointment and still had to make a co-pay."

The group reportedly plans several more downtown Albany demonstrations in days to come.