Open Road Tolling Coming To Mass. Pike

Feb 13, 2016

A structure that is part of the all-electronic toll collection system has been erected on the Mass. Pike in Weston.
Credit Twitter

Massachusetts has begun installing the all-electronic tolling system that is to replace toll booths on the MassPike. 

 Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said the switch to so-called “open road tolling” is on schedule to happen this October. 

Because the tolls will now be calculated by the distance traveled people may pay a little more or a little less, depending on their commute. 

" We know we need to go through a public process with folks to put out a draft version of what we think those charges would look like," Pollack said.

Sixteen overhead gantries will replace 24 toll plazas.  The structures that will span all lanes in both directions will have equipment to scan E-ZPass transponders and photograph license plates.  

Motorists without transponders will be billed a surcharge, which has not yet been determined.