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Occupy Albany Returns with Green, Pro-Labor Agenda

May 1, 2012

Occupy Albany is back, this time with a specific platform to change New York government and politics.  WAMC’s Ian Pickus reports…

The group credited in part with pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo to accept a higher tax on millionaires plans opening ceremonies from noon to midnight Tuesday across from the Capitol, coinciding with international May Day protests.

The park is within shouting distance of the Democratic governor dubbed "Governor 1 Percent" because of some of his policies and because his biggest campaign contributors are top corporate executives.

The group's agenda supports organized labor and environmental protection.

Occupy Albany began last year and withstood an effort by Cuomo to kick them out of their all-night encampment when the Albany County district attorney and mayor refused at first to cooperate.

The camp was disassembled during the winter.

Ian Pickus, WAMC News.

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