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NYS Senators Introduce Dog Bite Legislation

Apr 16, 2013

Frankie and Maria Flora
Credit Courtesy of Frankie and Maria Flora

Two New York State senators are introducing a bill to protect victims of serious dog bites.

Freshman state senator Terry Gipson of Poughkeepsie and Senator Neil Breslin of Delmar, both Democrats, are introducing the Frankie Flora Bill this afternoon in Albany. The bill is named after a Town of Poughkeepsie boy, now 9 years old, who was the victim of a dog mauling on this day in 2009 that left him with severe injuries. Frankie’s Bill would hold dog owners liable for medical expenses incurred by dog-bite victims. Frankie’s mother Maria Flora notes that New York State currently allows dog owners to evade financial responsibility if their dogs bite someone for the first time.