NYS DOH Offers Two Dates For Same-Day Newburgh PFOS Blood Testing

Dec 1, 2017

The New York state Department of Health is offering Newburgh area residents two dates for same-day PFOS blood testing.

The Health Department announced that on December 14 and 15, residents can pick up a lab order in person at Cornerstone Family Health Center on Lake Street in Newburgh and have same-day PFOS testing, for free. Residents who have already received lab orders but have not yet been tested, may also be tested on either of the two dates. The Department of Health began the free PFOS blood testing program for Newburgh in November 2016, after PFOS drinking water contamination came to light in May 2016. The program ends December 31. Health Department officials say more than 3,440 people have been tested and another 2,100 people have received test orders but have not been tested.

To order a test order by phone:
(518) 402-7950