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NYS Assembly Impeachment Inquiry Continues

Apr 21, 2021

The leader of the New York State Assembly’s impeachment inquiry gave a brief update Wednesday regarding several investigations of actions by Governor Andrew Cuomo, including accusations of sexual harassment.

Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Lavine says a hotline set up by the committee has generated over 200 tips on probes including allegations by multiple women against Cuomo for sexual harassment, as well as questions about whether he illegally used staff to help him write and promote a memoir, and whether he favored family and friends with hard-to-get COVID-19 tests. The committee is also investigating whether the governor and his top staff hid nursing home death numbers form the public. 

Lavine says the committee, working with the Davis-Polk law firm, is following up on many of those tips, as well as talking to other potential witnesses. 

“In total, Davis-Polk has spoken with attorneys for about 70 people who may have relevant information,” said Lavine, who says he the committee is also in contact with four different state agencies. 

Lavine repeated that he has served notice to Cuomo that he and his staff are not allowed to retaliate against anyone who might testify against them. He offered no specifics on anything the committee might have found out so far, and the rest of the meeting was in a private executive session.