No Spin on CNSE Spin-off from UAlbany

Mar 20, 2013

CNSE's Dr. Alain Kaloyeros
Credit Dave Lucas (WAMC)

A proposal leaked last week by the Associated Press indicating the State University at New York may spin its fast-growing College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering away from the University at Albany, creating a 65th campus, was addressed by a CNSE official Wednesday.

New York has devoted millions of dollars in tax incentives to attract high-tech jobs through the research college center. The proposal was reportedly confirmed by two people familiar with internal discussions at SUNY. The move would apparently elevate Alain Kaloyeros , one of SUNY's most colorful and high-profile figures. Kaloyeros says the rumors are - still rumors.

Kaloyeros takes exception to  the rumors implying he and UAlbany President Robert Jones have a negative relationship. He says nothing could be father from the truth.

Kaloyeros adds that splitting the Nano College from SUNY would need approval of the SUNY board of trustees, the Governor and the Legislature.