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Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer


  Ocean Crest Seafood’s Inc., a wholesale fish and seafood company, is the parent company of Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer's in Gloucester, MA,.  In need of a new, more environmentally safe and cost effective method of disposing of the fish remains, called gurry, that are created after processing, Ocean Crest got together with researchers from the University of Massachusetts' marine science research center and, using an existing facility, developed the process of turning the gurry into fertilizer, which allows the company to utilize 100% of the fish.

Ann Molloy, Director of Sales and Marketing,  is proud of The Neptune’s Harvest Products that resulted from their collaboration with U Mass. “Our products  are beneficial to the environment in many ways; the products are organic, coming from  the mineral-rich North Atlantic Ocean.  , which is nature’s perfect source for the nutrients plants and soil need.  We use every part of each fish and shellfish, so there is no waste going back into the ocean or sent to landfills. We are constantly growing and innovating.  The process we use did not exist before we developed it.”

The company’s line includes the Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer, Fish-Seaweed Blend, Seaweed Plant Food, Crab Shell, Kelp Meal and Turf Formula. It is sold in retail sizes for home use, and bulk sizes for farm use.

Neptune's Harvest is a family-run business; of 45 employees, 16 are family. For more information on Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer, go to www.neptunesharvest.com or call (800) 259-4769.