Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer On Asking And Audiobooks

Nov 26, 2014

Credit Allan Amato/Coilhouse

  Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are a fascinating, artistic, and talented couple who - lucky for us - live part-time in our region.

Amanda Palmer's new book The Art of Asking, is part manifesto, part revelation and a little bit "how-to" guide. Gaiman's most recent release is his adaption of Hansel and Gretel. They join us to discuss asking and audiobooks.

Gaiman and Palmer will be working in the Hudson Valley this weekend, promoting local, small business and indie bookstores by selling books and greeting customers at The Golden Notebook, Spotty Dog Books and Ale, and Oblong Books and Music. (Exact times haven't yet been announced, follow the bookstores' websites and social media accounts to learn details as they emerge.)