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A Message from Vermont Coffee Company

Mar 24, 2020

  Friends and Neighbors

Sometimes a problem looks so big we begin to despair that there is nothing we can do to help. As a community, we will confront many changes to our normal lives until we get through this.   
Whatever the disruptions, most of us will not fear hunger or homelessness.  But, there are some among us who are already at risk and may become more vulnerable as this situation evolves. 
Let’s work together to keep our homeless shelters and food shelves supplied. Our company will match your donations dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 to fund $100,000 of food and essentials to the following Vermont organizations: Donations can be made online at:

HOPE  http://www.hope-vt.org 
COTS   https://cotsonline.org/vermont-coffee-company/ 
John Graham Shelter  https://www.johngrahamshelter.org

We encourage you to reach out to the food shelves and homeless shelters wherever you live.