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Mary Birdsong - Bitter Party Of 5

Feb 24, 2014

        Mary Birdsong is an actor with 57 acting credits on IMDB - she’s likely most recognizable from her work on the Comedy Central Series Reno 911 and in the films Adventureland, and The Descendants.

Mary and 4 other actors - Jason Antoon, Greg Cromer, Tricia O'Kelley and Romy Rosemont - were cast in an NBC sitcom pilot together - the show wasn’t picked up but they were determined to work together more - even if that meant on a low-budget talk-show web-series.

Which - lucky for us - is exactly what it meant!

Bitter Party of 5 is available to stream on YouTube and Our five hosts welcome guests like Martin Short, Tony Hale, Allison Janney, Alfred Molina and - basically - hassle them about their more successful Hollywood careers.