Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall Discusses Upcoming Winter Sports Events

Nov 15, 2018

A two-time Winter Olympics host, since 1980 Lake Placid has promoted itself and as the Olympic Village and the Winter Sports Capital of the world.  In his offices across from the Olympic speed skating oval, Mayor Craig Randall talks about a number of upcoming international sporting events.

“The International Winter Children’s Games is coming to Lake Placid. It’s the first time. January 6th and it’ll be here for that week. The International Children’s Games has been around for 50 years and never have the winter games been brought to the U.S.  First of all it’s a very prestigious event.  We were introduced to the International Children’s program through our membership, or Lake Placid’s membership, in the World Union of Olympic Cities. Out of that came an invitation from the city of Innsbruck for Lake Placid to bring a delegation of our young people, which we did.  It’s really a beginning an early opportunity for young people to begin to learn more than just about the sport itself and competition. And that theme carries through Winter University Games that Lake Placid has secured for 2023.”

The conversation with Lake Placid  Mayor Craig Randall will continue later as he discusses the village’s infrastructure upgrade plan and winter salt mitigation efforts to protect the adjacent lake.