"I’ll Be Home: The Writings Of Jim McGrath"

Jun 19, 2019

The winner of more awards than any editorial writer in the Albany Times Union’s history, Jim McGrath was both an Albany institution and a keen observer of the world beyond his beloved adopted city. When he died in 2013 at the age of fifty-six, the newspaper lost a writer who combined a passionate advocacy for society’s most vulnerable people with a scathing disregard for the elite whose actions created an underclass in the United States.

His editorials and commentaries charted many critical issues in New York and the country: the death penalty, civil liberties, gay rights, historic presidential campaigns, the economy, terrorism, and more.

A new book of Jim McGrath’s work is out, entitled: I’ll Be Home.

The book is edited by Jim’s widow, Darryl McGrath, is an Albany journalist and the author of "Flight Paths: A Field Journal of Hope, Heartbreak, and Miracles with New York’s Bird People," and Howard Healy, a copy-editor and proofreader for the New York State Bar Association; he retired as editorial page editor of the Times Union in 2008.