Hundreds Rally In Albany For Planned Parenthood

Feb 12, 2017

Anti-abortion activists held rallies across the country yesterday, but many were met with counter-protestors.

In Albany, in a rally outside a Planned Parenthood on Central Avenue, hundreds of counter-protestors demonstrated, many wearing pink, in support of the organization that receives federal funding  for preventative services including screening for sexually transmitted infections. Under U.S. law, federal funding does not pay for abortion services.

Capital Region Congressman Paul Tonko spoke at the event. In a YouTube video,  the Democrat slammed Republicans for vowing to repeal funding for the organization, as well as former President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“You know, when they want to tear down the Affordable Care Act, when they want to block grant Medicaid, when they want to voucher out Medicare, when they want to do all these things that roll back the opportunity for accessible, affordable, quality healthcare, we’re going to say no. And Planned Parenthood is part of that. And so is parity for the mental health portion of health care. We’re going to make certain all of that is left in play,” said Tonko.

A smaller anti-abortion event was held outside a Planned Parenthood in Troy earlier Saturday.