Hong Kong / Mainland China Stand-Off: NY Solidarity Gathering

Oct 1, 2014

  It's day five of a mass movement  to occupy sections of Hong Kong as demonstrators protest a Chinese decision to limit voters' choices in a 2017 citywide leadership election.  
民主早晨! (Democracy in the morning!) 演藝道
Credit 黃奇偉 / InstaGram

A vigil for Hong Kong's democracy protesters is scheduled to be held this evening in Albany at the busy corner of Lark St. and Washington Avenue - activists will be assembling as 'rush hour' winds down around 5:30PM. The demonstration of solidarity is set to continue through 7PM.

 Organizers are encouraging attendees to show up wearing yellow yellow and bring an umbrella. The event is being hosted by Occupy Albany and the Upper Hudson Green Party.