Gail Straub's "The Ashokan Way: Landscape's Path into Consciousness"

May 7, 2018

Each entry in Gail Straub's new book "The Ashokan Way: Landscape's Path into Consciousness" describes a walk along the ever-changing reservoir, illuminating the natural world as a portal to self-understanding, restoration, and meaning.

Gail Straub is the Executive Director of the Empowerment Institute, which she co-founded in 1981. As one of the world’s leading authorities on women’s empowerment, she co-directs the Empowerment Institute’s School for Transformative Social Change empowering change agents from around the world to design and implement cutting-edge social innovations.

She will be having an event at the Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza on Thursday night at 7 p.m. In the event she'll discuss the book with Stephen Cope.