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Fracking in NY in Supportive Communities First?

Apr 23, 2012

Lawmakers and Lobbyists say communities that have been supportive of hydraulic fracturing are likely to be among the first areas of New York to get approval if the State Department of Environmental Conservation allows the technique... Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has more.

The DEC has been involved in establishing ground rules for permitting hyrdrofracking throughout New York State since 2008 - the agency's review of the process and recommendations are eagerly awaited by individuals and entities on both sides of the issue.

Those most involved in lobbying for or against the process have been hearing for some time now that the DEC is leaning toward allowing fracking in areas where it hasn't met much resistance, and in some communities near the New York-Pennsylvania border.

Binghamton-based Republican Senator Thomas Libous, who supports gas drilling, told the Press & Sun Bulletin that the state may ultimately focus on regions that haven’t shown opposition to hydrofracking. He was unavailable for further comment.


Sue Rapp  with Vestal Residents for Safe Energy in Broome County points out there’s been a flurry of anti-fracking petitioning in many towns across the Southern Tier.


DEC Director of Public Information Emily DeSantis responded to a request for comment by email, stating


Under the draft SGEIS, if a local government does not feel the applicant’s plan is consistent with land use and local zoning laws, the municipality can raise a flag with DEC. If high-volume hydraulic moves forward in New York, local governments will get advance notice of all applications, and can comment on compatibility of such application with local land use laws and policies. DEC will consider this in its review of the permit application and can deny or condition a permit based on this information if it deems such action is appropriate based on the impacts.