Food Friday: Chef Ric Orlando 1/29/21 | WAMC

Food Friday: Chef Ric Orlando 1/29/21

Today we welcome back Chef Ric Orlando - owner of Ric-ter Scale Brand and Flavor Maker Spices. He joins us to answer your cooking questions. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts. 

After 25 years of cooking upstate, Ric now owns the Ricter Scale Brand of seasonings and condiments and Flavor Maker Spices are the exact seasoning used in his award winning New World Restaurants and Ric-ter Scale sauces are his special unique blends.

Ric’s Potato Latkes Beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network and he also won on Chopped – twice. In the 2013 World Food Championships his meatless Eggplant “Meatballs” won the top prize for the Northeast region. He also has appeared on the NBC TODAY show, PBS’s Simply Ming, Live From Darryl’s House on MTV, Home Matters on Discovery – the list goes on. Ric is also the author of “We Want Clean Food.” You can find his episodes and other appearances on his YouTube and InstagramTV channel: CHEFRICORLANDO.