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Folk Modern

Oct 22, 2015

  Since 1998, Albany International Airport has distinguished itself within the Northeast, and throughout the United States as a beacon for the arts in the Capital Region. The Art & Culture Program has become a cornerstone for showcasing the breadth and quality of the arts throughout the Region and has made the Airport a busy hub not only for travel, but also for celebrating and learning about local culture.

Today we learn about Folk Modern which will be on display through May 8, 2016 and will have a Public Reception Friday, October 23 from  5:30-7:30 pm. Folk art reflects the creative traditions of a community or culture, and its practitioners strive to achieve the highest standards of their craft. Here to tell us more are Sharon Bates, Director, Art & Culture Program at Albany International Airport and Kathy Greenwood, Curatorial Assistant, Art & Culture Program at Albany International Airport.