"Fat Chance" by Robert Lustig

Jan 11, 2013

In the late 1970s when the government mandated we get the fat out of our food, our next guest says the food industry responded by pouring more sugar in. Dr. Robert Lustig believes the result has been a perfect storm, disastrously altering our biochemistry and driving our eating habits out of our control.

To help us lose weight and recover our health, Lustig presents personal strategies to readjust the key hormones that regulate hunger, reward, and stress; and societal strategies to improve the health of the next generation. His book, Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease, also explains which foods are the problem, and which ones are the solutions.

Dr. Robert Lustig has spent the past 16 years treating childhood obesity and studying the effects of sugar on the central nervous system and metabolism.