Sep 1, 2016

  EverPresent was founded in 2012 with the goal of becoming “the memories company” for families. Their team of over 40 technicians, designers and specialists help families take control of their photos and videos through organizing and scanning services. Offerings include photo scanning, slide & negative scanning, photo album and scrapbook scanning, VHS to DVD, film reel to digital transfers, custom design service for photo books and slideshows, digital photo organizing and in-home appointments with certified photo organizers.

Thousands of families have trusted EverPresent with their family photos and videos since their 2012 inception. Families can choose from a variety of ways to use EverPresent depending on their needs. In-person appointments can be scheduled throughout New England and the Capital Region of New York at one of their fifteen locations. In-home appointments can also be scheduled across New England and New York. And projects can be mailed in from all fifty states when it’s more convenient.

Projects with EverPresent range in size from a single VHS tape converted to a DVD all the way through digitizing and organizing an entire family archive and everything in between. Some examples of projects include: digitizing a family scrapbook and working with a designer to create a modern photo book and print copies for the whole family; transferring thousands of old home movies to digital and editing hours of footage down to the best hits for the family to enjoy; consolidating all of one family’s digital photos to one hard drive, getting rid of all the duplicates and organizing the photos chronologically.