Educare School To Be Built In Springfield

Feb 25, 2018

An Educare program early child education center in Washington DC
Credit Educare

A western Massachusetts city is going to have a new pre-school supported by the family of philanthropist Warren Buffett.

A new $12 million state-of-the- art education center will be built in Springfield as part of the Educare program supported by the Buffett Early Childhood Fund. 

There are currently 23 schools in the Educare network in 15 states. This will be the first in Massachusetts. 

Janis Santos, director of the area Head Start, which will operate the school, said it is a dream come true.

"And it is all for our children," said Santos. " Our passion is for our families and our children."

The center is expected to open in September 2019 with 141 children.