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Dr. William O'Connor From OrthoNY

Jan 30, 2020

Joe Donahue: Today is my first day at work in over two-and-a-half months. On November 17th, in Dublin, Ireland, I fell down a flight of stairs and suffered a bi-lateral tear of my quadriceps. I still have no real idea what that means. The way I have been explaining it is – you know that song: “The knee bone’s connected to the leg bone?” Well, mine wasn’t. So, I invited the guy who put me back together to be on the program today. He can explain it better, I am sure.

Dr. William O'Connor is a member of the OrthoNY executive committee. Board-certified in orthopedics, he specializes in care of the hip and knee, as well as total joint replacement. He completed a three-month fellowship in trauma at Hospital for Special Surgery, and was co-Director of Trauma at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda for the first three months of the 2003 war with Iraq, retiring as a Navy Captain.