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Delmar Nursing Home Averts Crisis

Dec 20, 2019

Employees at a nursing home in Albany County are getting a reprieve after having been notified their health care benefits would be terminated.

In early October, according to 1199SEIU, Lutheran Care Network, which operates Good Samaritan Nursing Home and Kenwood Manor on Rockefeller Road in Delmar, stopped paying into the employees’ contractually required Health Benefit Fund.

Fears of benefit loss and eventual job loss rippled through the facilities. 1199's executive vice president Greg Speller said:

"Lutheran, which we anticipated finally did file for bankruptcy at the end of last week, there is one purchaser in the mix and that's the Centers For Care, run by Kenny Rozenberg out of the Bronx and it's a for-profit network throughout the state of New York."

Speller expects reorganization and new contracts will be finalized by the end of January.