David Soares critical of funding aspect of corruption reform plan

Apr 17, 2013

Credit Albany County District Attorney's Office

Following a pair of ethics scandals that have gripped Albany, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing his plans for ending government corruption. Part of Cuomo’s reform package includes ending the practice of cross-endorsing candidates, but Albany County District Attorney David Soares says passing laws without funding to fight corruption won’t work.

"Anytime our legislators pass legislation and put the money behind it, people do the work. You see significant impact.  We've just never had a commitment by the legislature to really attack this issue. As a matter of fact it's almost like you're allowing for foxes to develop the security provisions for the hen house," Soares said.

Albany County D.A. David Soares speaking on this week’s Capitol Connection program, which airs Friday night at 10:30 and Saturday at 1.