Cuomo, Legislative Leaders Seek Deal As New Deadline Looms

Jun 23, 2015

Talks between Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders continued Tuesday over the renewal of New York City’s rent laws, and other related issues, including the continuation of a property tax cap and sales tax increases for counties, as they faced another expiration deadline.  

Cuomo and lawmakers temporarily extended the rent laws until midnight Tuesday. Tenants protested outside the governor’s office as Cuomo met privately with legislative leaders inside. Speaker Carl Heastie emerged, saying he was optimistic, but that there was no deal yet.

“It’s getting closer,” Heastie said. “But we’re still not there yet.”

Other issues that may be part of a final agreement include an education tax credit for donors who give up to a million dollars to primarily fund scholarships for poor children at private schools. While Cuomo and Republicans in the state want the law, many Assembly Democrats oppose it.