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Cuomo Hits New Favorability Highs In Siena Poll During Pandemic

Mar 30, 2020

A new survey finds New Yorkers overwhelmingly approve of how Governor Andrew Cuomo is handling the coronavirus pandemic. 

A Siena College Poll released Monday shows Governor Cuomo's approach to tackling the COVID-19 threat has lifted him in the public eye.
"He has his greatest, his highest favorability rating in more than seven years, since January 2013 prior to passage of the SAFE Act. Right now, 71% of voters view Andrew Cuomo favorably, compared to 23 who view him unfavorably. Just last month it was 44% favorable, 50 unfavorable. He was six points underwater. Now, he's 48 points on the good side."
Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg says a solid majority of New Yorkers approve of how the third-term Democrat addressing the pandemic, and when voters were given a series of questions about different individuals and institutions...
" ask them  whether they approve of the or disapprove of the job each is doing to address the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo Finishes by far first. 87% of New Yorkers approved the job that he's doing to address the pandemic compared to 11% who disapprove."
The poll finds New Yorkers strongly support their local health departments during the crisis.
"Strong support as well for Dr. Anthony Fauci from NIH, for your local government leaders, to the CDC, more support for the House of Representatives than the Senate. But Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump, finish at the bottom of the list. Only 41% of voters approve of the job that Donald Trump is doing to address the pandemic, while a majority 56% disapprove. With Trump, only Republicans approve of the job he's doing. Democrats and independents disapprove. With Cuomo, even 70% of Republicans approve."
Greenberg adds concern among New Yorkers over the possibility of becoming infected with COVID-19 trends high.
"Three-quarters of New Yorkers are very concerned about the pandemic. 92% say they are concerned. 79% of New Yorkers are concerned that they themselves will get the virus, and, as of last week, and these numbers will only grow. but as of last week nearly one-third of New Yorkers, and far more than that, a bigger percentage downstate, know someone personally who has been infected and tested positive."
The poll also measured responses from voters whose lives have been interrupted by the virus.
"Nearly one-quarter of voters say that someone in their household has been laid off. More than half say somebody is working from home in their household, but one quarter of voters, nearly one-third in downstate New York, say someone in their house is laid off because of the pandemic."
As to when the pandemic will end, 53% of New Yorkers believe “Things will be back to normal sometime soon” while 44% disagree.