Couple Allegedly Waves Gun At Kinderhook Protesters | WAMC

Couple Allegedly Waves Gun At Kinderhook Protesters

Jul 12, 2020

Update: Police announced on Monday, July 12th that no arrests have been made and that an investigation is ongoing. Web copy has been updated to reflect these developments. 

A couple was questioned by police after allegedly pointing a gun at a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Kinderhook Saturday.

Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson was participating in the protest during the incident and uploaded video of the moments after the encounter, which he narrates.

“Couple came out, yelling obscenities. The husband yelled for his wife to get his gun. The wife came out waving the gun at the crowd.”

Johnson said police who were walking and assisting with the Kinderhook protest began questioning protesters. Johnson said after about 40 minutes, police entered the residence of the couple, who were led into patrol cars without handcuffs. A gun was also reportedly removed from the residence.  

Speaking with WAMC Sunday morning, Mayor Johnson said he plans to speak with his colleagues in local government on Monday.

“As long as these protests aren’t hurting anyone or destroying any property, people don’t deserve to have guns pointed at them.”

WAMC has reached out to State Police for additional details. 

On June 30th, the operator of a Schenectady ice cream parlor  was arrested after pointing an air-rifle at protesters.