County Exec Highlights Measles Orders As Rockland Cases Continue To Rise

Apr 26, 2019

As the number of confirmed measles cases continues to rise in Rockland, the county executive has renewed his state of emergency. The move is symbolic and contains no new restrictions.

County Executive Ed Day’s initial emergency declaration barred those under 18 years of age unvaccinated against measles from public places. A judge halted the order April 5 and it expired April 25. Day says that since his original declaration, the county has lost valuable time in the battle against the measles outbreak that began in October. He says his renewed state of emergency contains no new directive, nor the one from his original declaration. He reaffirms the county health department’s order issued last week, which includes guidelines for unvaccinated students, and this has affected 331 students. As of April 24, there were 200 confirmed measles cases in Rockland.