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Conversation With Independent Burlington Mayoral Candidate Carina Driscoll

Dec 7, 2017

Over the past week,  two candidates have announced campaigns to challenge two-term incumbent Democratic Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger in the election on Town Meeting Day in March.  On Monday, former city councilor and state legislator Carina Driscoll announced she will run as an Independent.  The lifelong Burlington resident, who is the stepdaughter of Senator Bernie Sanders, hopes to run a grassroots campaign that brings people together to build a new vision for the city.

 “I’m also concerned right now that we’re a little off track and that we need to work on uniting Burlington and bringing people together and bringing people back to the table when we begin to address questions of what to do with the city’s community assets.”  

Carina Driscoll and the second Independent candidate Infinite Culcleasure had sought the endorsement of the Progressive Party. Wednesday night Burlington Progressives endorsed Driscoll.

Incumbent Democratic Mayor Miro Weinberger, who is seeking re-election, issued a statement Monday welcoming his challengers. It says, in part: “I welcome a spirited debate about the best way forward for our city…”

You can hear a conversation with Independent candidate Infinite Culcleasure here.