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Conversation With Incumbent Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger On Reelection Campaign

Mar 1, 2018

The campaign is into its final days for the three candidates vying to become mayor of Vermont’s largest city, including incumbent Miro Weinberger.  In the last of our candidate profiles, the Democrat speaks was at the Burlington waterfront. Weinberger says there are a number of reasons he’s running for a third three-year term.

"There's a number of areas where I really want to finish the job that we've started with the voters’ support over the last few years. So this includes finishing the infrastructure plan that voters by 76 percent of them voted to support but we still have four years of work ahead and the implementation really matters. Finishing the job on transforming the failing downtown mall into this vibrant mixed use, mixed income neighborhood with people living there of all backgrounds and incomes and ages. That construction is just getting going.  I worked hard for years to get the opportunity for the city to pursue this. I really want to make sure it gets done right. Another kind of area of kind of finishing the job is I have great optimism, the word is really hope, that we are on the cusp of finally turning around this terrible opioid epidemic and we have real momentum in these Community Stat meetings we have every month. I’m really hoping to get the opportunity to continue that effort in the years ahead. I want to finish these important initiatives, projects that we've started. Then in addition the next three years I think are going to be a very exciting time when we can take on some promising new initiatives. We're just getting off the ground an early learning initiative that I think is going to have a big impact on kids age zero to three in this community, particularly low income kids, and making sure they have high quality care options. Another area you know this new effort to try to become a net zero energy city I think we're going to be able to make some exciting progress with that over the next three years. So you know I've got I've got lots of ambitions and eagerness. You know I’ve got many things that I get excited about what the next three years are going to be."

Weinberger faces Independent challengers Carina Driscoll and Infinite Culcleasure in the Burlington mayoral race.  Interviews with those candidates and an extended conversation with Mayor Weinberger are at  Voters will choose on Town Meeting Day March 6th.