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Community Activist Enters Albany Mayoral Race

Apr 19, 2017

In a bid to become the city's first African-American mayor, Marlon Anderson threw his hat in the ring Wednesday night, announcing at Albany public library's main branch that this will be the last time he runs for political office.

The community activist says he has an economic plan for the city. If elected, he promises rent control and affordable housing. This is his third run for Albany's highest office.

"Where have the other candidates been when it comes to issues of concern? You have seen me at every meeting imaginable in the city on every issue imaginable in the city."

Anderson warned the city is in for a long, violent summer -  warning that "every kid in Albany is one bad day away from becoming another Marquis Dixon," a reference to the young man sent to prison for stealing a pair of sneakers. Anderson will face incumbent Kathy Sheehan, and fellow Democrats Frank Commisso Jr. and Carolyn McLaughlin in the September primary.