College of St. Rose Political Science Professor Returns From Sierra Leone

Feb 20, 2015


  Marda Mustapha is a political science professor at The College of St. Rose who just returned from Sierra Leone to deliver food and supplies to his Ebola-stricken homeland.

He arrived in Sierra Leone in mid-December and found that the deadly virus had changed everything: Christmas celebrations were canceled, New Year’s celebrations had to end by 5 PM, weddings were subdued affairs, dead bodies lay in the streets – and everyone everywhere was suspicious of everyone else. He says Ebola had practically destroyed the foundation of the community.

Ebola isn’t much in the news these days, but the scourge isn’t over. In fact, after declining steadily, the number of new weekly cases rose last week for the first time this year. Dr. Marda Mustapha is an associate professor of political science at The College of Saint Rose, teaching courses in comparative politics. He is a native of Sierra Leone in West Africa, where his parents still live.

Anyone interested in assisting Mustapha or learning more about his organization can email him: