Burlington Mayor Discusses Infrastructure Progress

Oct 19, 2017

Burlington, Vermont is wrapping up the first construction season under the city’s Sustainable Infrastructure Plan. In November 2016 voters approved $25.5 million in general obligation bonds to fund the five-year infrastructure project. The plan includes the repair or replacement of streets and sidewalks, aging fire trucks, the bike path, water systems and other infrastructure resources. Mayor Miro Weinberger says substantial work has been done and the city is on target to meet its goals.

 “For example in recent years we’ve paved about two and a half miles of streets and redone about one mile of sidewalks.  By the end of this construction season we will have built more than five miles of streets and close to four miles of sidewalks. We really for the first time that anyone can remember are proactively instead of reactively replacing and relining water lines. We’ve done about a mile and a half of water relining work this summer which is a little behind where we’d hoped to be but we’ll catch up by the middle of next season. And we’re really still on a learning curve because it’s really something we basically we never did before. So that’s going well. It’s the first time in decades we have a budget line dedicated to building new curbs and we’ve got about a half a mile of new curbs that has put in around the city. And that too is an area that’s been a little slower than hoped.  But again it’s not an area that we have a lot of experience in recently. So we’re catching up there.  And so basically it’s the end of a very successful construction season. And the other thing we announced is that we have a new Projects Portal on the DPW webpage that the public can go to.”     

Burlington Capital Projects Portal:    www.burlingtonvt.gov/construction