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Broadband To Debut In Albany's Hilltowns

Apr 16, 2020

Albany County’s Hilltowns are finally getting high-speed internet this weekend. 

County Executive Dan McCoy announced a partnership with an Albany-based provider using previously erected towers that expanded 9-1-1 service. Hudson Valley Wireless Genral Manager Jason Guzzo: "The network uses a combination of fibre optic and high-capacity microwaves to connect the towers."

McCoy says the hilltowns previously accessed the internet via dial-up. The partnership will give some 300 students access at no charge. "We're gonna work the cost out and make sure we pick that bill up so that they don't have to worry about it if they don't have the means to pay for it."

Other households eventually will be able to subscribe to the service. McCoy, a Democrat, has been working on getting broadband to the hilltowns since 2018.