Blumenthal To Address Rising Price, Scarcity Of EpiPens

Aug 27, 2018

Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is planning to unveil a proposal to address the rising price of EpiPens.

Blumenthal said the cost of the epinephrine injectors — used to control allergic reactions — has skyrocketed, putting an extra burden on parents who need to have the EpiPens on hand, especially as children head back to school.

Blumenthal plans to announce new legislation to combat prescription drug price gouging in West Hartford, Monday.

The Democrat said a decade ago, EpiPens could be purchased easily for $57, but now sell for over $700, if they can be purchased at all. He said there has been a critical shortage in supply for months, leaving many families to rely on expired supplies or search between multiple pharmacies.

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