The Best of Our Knowledge #811

Albany, NY – TEACHER MAN -
Frank McCourt taught in the New York City school system for 30-years.
When he retired, he finally found time to write. The result was Angela's
Ashes , a memoir of growing up in Ireland. It became a number one
best-seller and won McCourt multiple awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.
His next book, Tis , told the story of making it in America as an immigrant.
Now, this newest book, Teacher Man , chronicles his methods of teaching
in an entertaining and insightful way. TBOOK spoke with McCourt about
his 30-year adventure in public classrooms.
Jim Horne reports. (12:38)


- Nobel Laureate, Carl Wieman, one of the University of Colorado's most
visible scientists and an international leader in physics education, is leaving Boulder for the University of British Columbia. UBC, in Vancouver, has
promised Wieman 12-million dollars Canadian over five years to direct an initiative aimed at changing the way students learn science.

- Much like in the U.S., efforts to introduce greater market forces into public education are gaining ground in England. British Prime Minister, Tony Blair,
has proposed what he calls Trust Schools. They would be independent,
publicly financed English twist on American charter schools.

- And, chalk up another victory for those opposed to the teaching of Intelligent Design. A Southern California school system has dropped its Philosophy of Design course as part of a legal settlement with 11 parents. The agreement
also bars the district from attempting to promote or endorse Intelligent Design,
or creationism, in any future course.
Glenn Busby reports. (1:05)

In 1995 after graduating from Yale, Sarah Sentilles thought she'd take
some time off before pursuing a graduate degree. So she joined Teach
for America and found herself in charge of 36 elementary school children
in Compton, California. It was a decision that turned into a life-altering experience, and resulted in this highly acclaimed book. This is her story.
Glenn Busby reports. (6:04)